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If you would like more information about  Control Sales Inc., or any of our products, or have an application we can assist you with, please fill out this information request form and our sales staff will be in touch with you.

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Level Flow Temperature / Pressure
RF Admittance  Doppler US Temperature
Ultrasonic Open Channel Pressure
Sludge Blanket Switches Diff Pressure
Thermal Mass Flow Switches
Nuclear Magmeters
Radar Impeller Flow
Pressure / DP Conditioners
Analyzers Systems / Other
NH3 NO3 Combustibles Tank Blanket
pH, Cond Refract Index Custom Electronics
Electrodeless Cond. Turbidity Batch Controls
Dissolved O2 Suspended Solids Panel Meters
Viscosity Density Recorders
Consistency Sludge Density


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Phone: 1-800-336-2741
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