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Control Sales Inc. Proudly Represents the Following Industry Leaders

AMETEK Drexelbrook
Industry Leader in RF, and Ultrasonic and Radar Level Measurement Technologies, �IntelliPoint� RF Switches, Intrinsic safe two wire systems.Overfill protection systems. Sludge Blanket, OCF. Wireless interface for process monitoring, Div 2 rated.


AMETEK U.S. Gauge / PMT Products:
Pressure type Level Sensors and System for Liquid Applications, Potable Water Tanks and Wells, PressureTransducers and Transmitters for all applications, Industrial and OEM.

BioChem Technologies
Ammonia and Nitrate Analyzers for Waste Treatment Monitoring.

Electron Machine Corporation:
Liquid Refractometers for On Line Process Control.Web Thickness Gages

Portable Combustible gas analyzers - Emissions Monitoring

Federal Signal Controls:
SCADA Systems for Treatment Plant offsite station monitoring

Fluid Components International:
Thermally Actuated Flow Switch/Monitors and Level/Interface Controllers for Liquids, Slurries, and Gases.Microprocessor Based Smart Air & Gas Mass Flow Transmitters. Coriolis Massmeters.
����VORTAB - Flow Conditioners for Liquids, Gases & CEMS Stack.

Hanna Instruments:
Lab and Portable Water Quality Instruments, Test Kits, Reagents

Hawk America
Ultrasonic and Microwave Technology, Solids Silo Measurement, Acoustic Sludge Blanket Level Systems
Imperial Flange and Fitting Company
Orifice Plates, Venturi Tubes, Senior Fittings, etc.

Insite Instrumentation Group
Florescent DO, Suspended Solids measurements � portable and on line analyzers

Industrial Video and Control:
Video monitoring systems for security and process.IP LAN based / Internet � Web accessible Standard, IR, Thermal, and low light capability.Viewable from remote locations via computer

JMS Southeast, Inc.:
Thermocouples, RTD�s,Thermowells, Wire and Accessories.Transmitters and Indicators.

King Instrument Company:
Variable area flowmeters (Rotometers).PVC, Acrylic and Glass Tubes / SS Hardware.

KSR Kuebler, Inc.:
Full line of Buoyancy � Float Type Level Products including Float Switches, Continuous Level Transmitters, Magnetic Level Indicators, and Engineered Plastic Level Sensors

Olympic Controls, Inc / Energy Optimizatioin, Inc.:
Custom Electronics for Process Control, Batch Controllers, BTU Computers,& Calibrators.

Optech, Inc.:

Laser Level Systems, Equipment positioning

Precision Digital Corporation:

Digital Process Meters, Alarm Modules, Annunciators.

Sailsors Instruments:
Pressure and Differential
Pressure Transmitters and Accessories with HART

Sirco Samplers - a division of Southwell Corporation

Sparling Instruments, Inc
Magnetic and Vortex Flowmeters for Liquids, Gases and Steam, Propeller Meters.

Sponsler Co., Inc.:
Turbine Flowmeters for Industrial, Cryogenic, Corrosive, and Sanitary Applications.

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. (TN Technologies / Kay Ray, Inc.)
Non-Contacting Level and Density Measurement Systems, Sensall Ultrasonic Products

Water Analytics:
pH, ORP, Conductivity Sensors and Analyzers for Process Control

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