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Control Sales is pleased to announce that we have been appointed as the Industrial Markets Representative for POLYSONICS in the New York Tri-State area.  Below is a short company profile of POLYSONICS.   Please contact us for additional information or literature. 

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Transit Time Flowmeters Dual FrequencyDoppler Ultrasonic Flowmeters
DCT7088 Portable Digital Correlation Transit Time Flowmeter
The DCT7088 portable transit time flowmeter, incorporating transducer slide mounting, combines digital signal processing (DSP) with correlation detection methods while offering the convenience of a single instrument capable of multiple readings.
HYDRA SX30 Portable dual Frequency Doppler Flowmeter
The Hydra SX30 has been designed for the measurement of aerated and solids-bearing fluids. This system is encased in a waterproof housing that is waterproof against accidental immersion. It also has a data logger that can record up to 90,000 data points for subsequent uploading to a   PC.
The instrument features accuracy to 0.5% and 0.001 ft/s flow sensitivity. Bi-directional flow measurement is possible. The flowmeter can be programmed to start and finish flow measurements at predetermined times for unattended operation; it provides up to 16 hours of continuous battery operation and can be fully recharged in only 8 hours. . The meter will provide 15 hours of continuous battery operation and can be fully recharged in only eight hours. The transducer is suitable for most metal, plastic, and concrete lined pipes, and for diameters from .5 inch to 200 inches. An optional V-clamp is also available, which permits flow measurement in pipes with diameters of only 0.25 inch.
A powerful data logger records up to 65,000 data points for subsequent uploading to a personal computer while a separate memory function stores up to 16 sets of site parameters, making the re-entering of setup data when returning to a location for further measurements unnecessary.

A slide rack mounting assembly reduces transducer installation time by more than 70%. Non-intrusive, clamp-on transducers can be mounted on the outside of most plastic, metal, and concrete-lined pipes for diameters from 1 in. (25 mm.) to 200 in. (5m). Since there is no flow interruption, leak-free measurement with zero pressure drop is insured

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